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WEBINAR: Overcome the Budget/Price Objection
Effectively Quantify your Prospect to Accelerate your Selling Cycle and
Maintain Price

Date: October 25, 2012
Time: 1:00PM EST
Presented by: The CEO Sales Solution

Benefits of Attending this Webinar:
* Discover why the traditional needs-analysis pitch often backfires,
trapping you in an unpredictible and frustrating sales cycle where you're
merely reacting to your prospect's demands and conditions or baffled by
their lack of communication.
* Discover how to rapidly overcome your prospect's excuses about their
limited budget when pitching a solution that would increase their ROI.
* Avoid providing a proposal that your prospect ends up using to shop the
competition, without losing the deal.
* Discover key techniques that will get your buyer actively engaging with
you instead of simply tolerating your pitch and ending the call with a
vague promise of interest in the distant future.
* Avoid wasting your time handling smokescreens your prospects tell you to
preserve their negotiating position.
* Discover powerful strategies that diffuse your prospect’s resistance to
disclosing key information about their current situation.
* A powerful 3-step strategy that makes your buyer seriously reevaluate the
option with remaining with the status quo.
* How to switch the prospect out of the information gathering state that
usually has you selling from a defensive position.

More information:

You Will Benefit Most from this Event if your Prospects:
* Refuse to switch vendors despite expressing dissatisfaction with their
existing service?
* Expect you to overcome the inefficiencies of their current vendor without
increasing price.
* Use your comprehensive proposal to effectively shop the competition down
in price.

You can't control the economy or your competition. In order to effectively
navigate existing market conditions you can only implement strategies to
overcome the obstacles in your existing method of generating business.
Attend this Webinar to get the most from your client development efforts
and position your firm for a surge in business when market conditions
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The CEO Sales Solution • 1060 First Avenue • King of Prussia • PA

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