pkgng: perl5.12/perl5.14 conflict

Bruce Cran bruce at
Thu Oct 11 10:31:40 UTC 2012

I migrated my ports to pkgng on one machine but I'm getting a conflict 
between perl5.12 and perl5.14 because they install files to the same 
location, and are required by other packages: e.g. gtk-2.24.6_2 requires 
perl-5.14.2_2 but glib depends on perl-5.12.4_4.

I've force-uninstalled perl5.12 for now to fix 'pkg upgrade', but is 
there any way to fix the dependencies - I guess the solution is to get 
ports updated so they all use perl5.14?

Trying to install perl-5.12.4_4 again results in:

pkg: WARNING: locally installed perl-5.14.2_2 conflicts on 
/usr/local/bin/c2ph with:
         - perl-5.12.4_4

There are no errors, but "pkg info" shows that 5.12 wasn't installed.

Bruce Cran

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