databases/pgadmin3: make: illegal option -- -

Max Khon fjoe at
Mon Oct 8 14:58:48 UTC 2012


On Mon, Oct 8, 2012 at 8:13 PM, Борис Самородов <bsam at> wrote:

> (the port maintainer is CCed)
> 08.10.2012 15:41, O. Hartmann пишет:
>> Has anyone any idea what is happening and how to solve? Where to look?
> I've found it out.
> When py27-sphinx is installed the databases/pgadmin3 autodetects it
> and try to build documentation. From the WRKSRC/Makefile:
> -----
> doc:
>         cd $(top_srcdir)/docs/en_US && make -f Makefile.sphinx
> -----
> Hence the command "make" is used instead of "gmake". The attached patch
> let you compile the port.
> PS, as for me I hate those autodetecting schemas...

I disabled auto-detection in r305538.

However I still fail to see what is wrong with this "make -f"
invocation (why it complains on unknown "-" parameter). Also, it does
not fail with this error message for me on FreeBSD 9.1.


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