databases/pgadmin3: make: illegal option -- -

O. Hartmann ohartman at
Mon Oct 8 11:41:18 UTC 2012

I see the below shown error on only one of my FreeBSD boxes driven by
either FreeBSD 9.1-PRE or FreeBSD 10.0-CUR, all amd64 and CLANG built.
Since all FreeBSD 10.0-CUR boxes build the update of that specific port
without complains, I guess there is a nasty hidden little bug in one of
my config files. it relates only to one freeBSD 10 box, most recent
system buildworld built with CLANG and most ports as far as possible
build with CLANG.

As the error states - there is a problem with the make option. I removed
/etc/make.conf, /etc/src.conf, I recompiled devel/gmake ... what else
should I do? I also deleted and reinstalled the ports tree, selectively
the ports/Mk folder and downloaded it via SVN again since I suspected
the error within the build environment.

I also rebuild and installed py27-sphinx.

As you can see, I use (on all boxes!) PostgreSQL 9.2.1 and excpet for
this specific one box I was able to update databases/pgadmin3, so it
seems not be an issue with the DB server.

Has anyone any idea what is happening and how to solve? Where to look?

I already checked the syntax of the /etc/make.conf file so I think there
is no issue with that since I use the very same file on another FBSD 10
box with the same OS revision.



config.status: executing depfiles commands

PostgreSQL directory:                   /usr/local
PostgreSQL pg_config binary:            /usr/local/bin/pg_config
PostgreSQL version:                     PostgreSQL 9.2.1

PostgreSQL PQconninfoParse support:     Present
PostgreSQL SSL support:                 Present

wxWidgets directory:                    /usr/local
wxWidgets wx-config binary:             /usr/local/bin/wxgtk2u-2.8-config
wxWidgets version:                      wxWidgets 2.8.12

libxml2 directory:                      /usr/local
libxml2 xml2-config binary:             /usr/local/bin/xml2-config
libxml2 version:                        libxml2 2.7.8

libxslt directory:                      /usr/local
libxslt xslt-config binary:             /usr/local/bin/xslt-config
libxslt version:                        libxslt 1.1.26

Building Database Designer:             No

Building a debug version of pgAdmin:    No
Statically linking pgAdmin:             No
Building a Mac OS X appbundle:          No

sphinx-build executable:                /usr/local/bin/sphinx-build

pgAdmin configuration is now complete. You can now compile and
install pgAdmin using 'make; make install'.

===>  Building for pgadmin3-1.16.0
cd ./docs/en_US && make -f Makefile.sphinx
SPHINXBUILD=/usr/local/bin/sphinx-build htmlhelp
make: illegal option -- -
usage: make [-BPSXeiknpqrstv] [-C directory] [-D variable]
        [-d flags] [-E variable] [-f makefile] [-I directory]
        [-j max_jobs] [-m directory] [-V variable]
        [variable=value] [target ...]
gmake: *** [doc] Error 2
*** [do-build] Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/databases/pgadmin3.

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