[kde-freebsd] kdenetwork-4.8.4_2 and libotr

joaoBR joao at matik.com.br
Fri Oct 5 21:37:21 UTC 2012

On 23/09/2012 18:36, Christopher Dawkins wrote:
> I am sorry to bring this to your attention: you all do a lot of work
> that considerably benefits me and many others.
> But I cannot compile kdenetwork-4.8.4_2 because it seems to need libotr3.
> The advice in 20120908 seems irrelevant because I am not using
> pidgin-otr, anyway, it cannot work because there is no libotr3 port or
> directory.

... somebody else wrote

> If you look at the current Makefile, it has
> 		otr.4:${PORTSDIR}/security/libotr3 \
> I don't see how you all have been making it build with that setup..

seems you're not getting what's the deal

otr.4 is from libotr3, the Makefile is ok

there is now libotr3 and libotr4, the former is needed by kde4

it is not an upgrade of libotr even if it is described as so, it is a
new additional version

libotr4 unfortunately assumed the ports dir from the older port, it
could have been much more stressless and smarter making it
security/libotr4 but they did it the spaghetti way ...

so now the old port and actual kde dependency is in security/libotr3

in order to make it work you first need to run like explained in UPDATE

portugrade -o security/libotr3 security/libotr

now you can upgrade kdenetwork and eventually any other port which
depends on libotr3



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