FreeBSD Port: mime-support-3.52.1

Didier LEGRAND dleg at
Thu Oct 4 16:26:56 UTC 2012

Hello Oliver,

I am using the Perl script run-mailcap from this port to launch 
applications in accordance to my .mailcap file.
I am running this script with mutt and from firefox downloaded files dialog.
I found that run-mailcap doesn't process files with special characters 
in their filename, so i investigated why and made some modifications to 
this script.
The problem is within the 'TempFile' subroutine which doesn't work with 
FreeBSD. I corrected this by using the Perl module 'File::Temp' and now 
it works well (see enclosed).

Perhaps my modifications could help somebody else.

I'm french, so please excuse my bad English.

Sincerely yours.

Email : dleg at

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