png, graphviz and php

Thomas Mueller mueller6727 at
Wed Oct 3 10:22:15 UTC 2012

Attempting to upgrade all ports depending on png, I hit a snag with an error message relating to swig and php 5.4:

.if ${PHP_VER} == 5
BROKEN=                 swig is to old to build for php 5.4

I have php5-5.3.8, swig 1.3.40 and graphviz 2.28.0 presently installed.

Would it help to upgrade swig to swig20, or should I deselect PHP in the options for graphviz, which I already did, seeing it was not a default option?

Maybe an incompatibility between php 5.4, swig and graphviz?

I tend to be overambitious choosing options, often to my regret.

Just for comparison, I looked in (NetBSD) pkgsrc/graphics/graphviz, and PHP is not available as an option:

PKG_SUPPORTED_OPTIONS=  gd ghostscript gtk guile lua ocaml pangocairo rsvg tcl x
11 perl
PKG_SUGGESTED_OPTIONS=  gd gtk lua pangocairo perl tcl x11


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