removing non-existent ports from /var/db/pkg ?

Jamie Paul Griffin jamie at
Tue Oct 2 11:38:53 UTC 2012

[ Matthew Seaman wrote on Tue  2.Oct'12 at 12:13:05 +0100 ]

> At the moment, the only way to clear up is to manually remove the
> outdated subdirectories from /var/db/ports.  You can work out what is
> out of date by comparing the list of sub-dirs to the list of installed
> ports obtained by
>     pkg info -aq
> Should only take a few minutes to write a small script to do that.
> Be careful not to trash local.sqlite, repo.sqlite or auditfile -- in
> fact, anything in /var/db/pkg which is not a directory should be preserved.
> Note: even if you do delete subdirs that are actually still in use, this
> shouldn't be a huge disaster.  The only data still in those directories
> will be portmaster's cache of distfile info (which it can cope without:
> it uses it to efficiently identify old distfiles that can themselves be
> tidied up) and flag files like +IGNOREME which you will want to
> regenerate before you next do a ports update.

Ok, thanks for clarifying that for us. Very much appreciated. 

Best wishes, Jamie

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