removing non-existent ports from /var/db/pkg ?

Anton Shterenlikht mexas at
Tue Oct 2 08:08:39 UTC 2012

I have on one system:

# ls /var/db/pkg
apr-               help2man-1.40.10                pkgconf-0.8.4
auditfile                       help2man-1.40.11                pkgconf-0.8.5
autoconf-2.69                   help2man-1.40.12                pkgconf-0.8.6
automake-1.12.2                 libconfuse-2.7                  pkgconf-0.8.7_2
automake-1.12.3                 libxml2-2.7.8_5                 pkgconf-0.8.8
automake-1.12.4                 local.sqlite                    pkgconf-0.8.9
ganglia-monitor-core-3.1.7_4    mpfr-3.1.1                      python27-2.7.3_3
gcc-              neon29-0.29.6_4                 rsync-3.0.9_2
gcc-              pcre-8.31_1                     sqlite3-3.7.14
gcc-              pkg-1.0                         subversion-1.7.5
gcc-              pkg-1.0.r4                      subversion-1.7.6
gcc-              pkg-1.0.r4_1                    sudo-1.8.5.p3
gcc-              pkg-1.0.r5_1                    sudo-1.8.6.p3_1
gmake-3.82_1                    pkg-1.0.r6_1
# pkg info -xo gcc-4.7
gcc- lang/gcc47

I wonder why I have old versions of several ports,
which no longer exist, e.g. gcc47.

I update with portmaster.
Does the normal update procedure
remove the old version entry
from /var/db/pkg if the update
has been successful?


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