New port: net/tigervnc call for testers (not PRed yet)

meta meta at
Mon Oct 1 16:14:01 UTC 2012

Hello VNC users,

I created a new port net/tigervnc on It is a new
implementation of VNC and quite better than former VNCs.  Currently,
my net/tigervnc port has following promlems and I'm still working
for making TigerVNC perfectly works. Anyway, I would like you to test
if TigerVNC servers work (ex. Xvnc, vncserver, x0vncserver).

To try my port, please checkout my redports repository.
 svn co

Any advice is very welcome. Please help me to make TigerVNC port better!

Current problems that I'm working on:
- Cannot build vncviewer
- Cannot build with GnuTLS
- Not OptionsNG'fied yet

Why TigerVNC is better than former VNCs.
- Under active development
- Based on newer xserver than former VNCs
   (v1.7.7, as same as x11-server/xorg-server)
- Supports XRandR, evdev and other extensions
- Better encodings save bandwidth and processor time
- Fedora Project replaces RealVNC by TigerVNC
More informations, please see:

`whois | nkf -w`
meta <meta at>

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