Installing non-ports software into /usr/local

Jamie Paul Griffin jamie at
Mon Oct 1 10:06:29 UTC 2012

[ Chris Rees wrote on Sun 30.Sep'12 at 11:47:52 +0100 ]

> On 30 September 2012 11:16, Jamie Paul Griffin <jamie at> wrote:
> > Hi
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> > I am having an issue with mutt 1.5.21. I have set up different colour schemes, etc. as people do. Anyway, I reinstalled it 2 days ago using the ports system, because I wanted to link mutt to the ncurses port rather than the system ncurses installation. After soing non of my colours show, only those that are set from within my terminal emulator which is urxvt. Initially, I had a problem during make(1) which related to the iconv library. I have iconv set as an option in my kernel configuration. the error suggested something about using libiconv instead.
> >
> > Anyway, I managed to overcome that and build it and istall it again but without colour. I'm wondering if I could/should build it my self from source and install it into /usr/local to see if that makes any difference. Would doing that cause problems for the ports system?
> >
> > Any comments and advice are welcome. Best wishes, Jamie
> As long as you don't install it from the port, which would overwrite
> your version, there would be no trouble with this.
> If you come up with a solution, please send a PR in which the
> maintainer will I'm sure be glad to look at :)
> Chris

I have fixed or rather found the issue. Building mutt against the ncurses port was the cause. I pkg_delete'd mutt, ncurses port which also removed urxvt. Then started from scratch in terms of building mutt, this time against the base ncurses library, the re-installed urxvt and ncurses port as its depency and now all is back to normal. 

This is really for the archives and the mutt maintainer in case he wants to look into it but it's not a problem with the mutt port as such.

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