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Mon Oct 1 09:42:58 UTC 2012

Romain Tartière <romain at> wrote
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ro> Hi!
ro> On Sun, Sep 30, 2012 at 12:17:03AM +0200, Baptiste Daroussin wrote:
ro> > My second concern was discussed when Dominic Fandrey called for testing this
ro> > port: at least 2 people have been working on texlive with different approach:
ro> > hrs and romain.
ro> > 
ro> > In particular Romain and I discussed on merging texlive to the ports tree based
ro> > on he has been contacted some company
ro> > to mirror the splitted distfiles for us, and was suppose to resumer his work on
ro> > this when back from vacations which should be the case now given that he has
ro> > done some commit last week :D
ro> > 
ro> > I CCed both hrs and romain so they can give their opinion and the status of
ro> > their work.
ro> Yes, after 2 months away, I am back :-)
ro> While I was away,
ro>   - I received access to a jail for hosting versionned distfiles;
ro>   - I received a mail from hrs@ where he exposes a migration plan to
ro>     TeX Live and asked for comments / suggestions.
ro> I replied to hrs@ and told him I would be happy to help, but have no
ro> feedback yet.
ro> Regarding the mirror of versionned distfiles, I have everything to set
ro> it up I think, and I just have to take some time to hack something that
ro> do the right thing and use it in my ports.  However, since there are
ro> some boring flaws in the updating infrastructure, I postponed this,
ro> thinking that an answer from hrs@ would have lead to working on funnier
ro> things (with a better infrastructure).  While I have no news, I may
ro> however setup the repository, it won't hurt I guess.

 Sorry, I was swamped with real life issues and could not respond in a
 timely manner.  In short, what I am working on is splitting the
 texlive distribution into pieces about ~200 ports (tex engines and
 macro packages) and generating versioned distfiles from a local CTAN
 mirror.  A port just for installing whole part of texlive is
 difficult to handle in the ports tree because there are many software
 that have to depend on a part of it but texlive is really huge.  I am
 considering to remove print/teTeX* (since I am the maintainer) and
 update the dependencies to use the modular texlive ports seamlessly.

 I have several prototype but I need to fix them to some recent
 changes in the ports tree before making one public for review.
 Although I was thinking it could be done in September, it didn't
 unfortunately.  I will continue to work on it and probably make it in
 public after EuroBSDCon.

-- Hiroki
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