Dealing with options in dependent ports

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Fri Nov 30 18:46:12 UTC 2012

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>> However, to enforce the right dependency, this option have to produce a
>> different plist.
> Really? Isn't enough to depend on the package name instead of a file?

No.  The dependency installs files that are not otherwise installed, so the 
pkg-plist has to reflect that.  Here's how I did it in the port I just 
created a slave for.

Created this section in the main port's Makefile:
.if defined(SLAVE)
BROCCOLI_DESC=  Build support for libbroccoli communications

This adds the option and enforces it being selected if you install the 
slave port.

Then created this section in the main port's Makefile:
        (cd ${WRKSRC}/aux/broccoli && ./configure)
        (cd ${WRKSRC}/aux/broccoli && ${MAKE})
        patch ${BUILD_WRKSRC}/cmake_install.cmake ${FILESDIR}/broccoli.patch
PLIST_SUB+=     BROCCOLI="@comment "

The PLIST_SUB section allows you to add files to the pkg-plist that are 
provisional, based on the install of the slave port.

Then the pkg_plist sub has the files included with the macro:

Those only get removed if the option was selected, so deinstall won't throw 
errors if you install the main port without that option.

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