Dealing with options in dependent ports

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> Hello,
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>> I'm working on a port that has an option for a build_depends on another
>> port.  If that option is selected, the dependent port MUST be built with
>> an  option that is not selected by default.
>> Is there a way to either force that option to be selected in the
>> dependent  port?  Or, failing that, is it possible to pop up a message
>> warning the  installer that they must select that option before building
>> the dependent  port or, if they've already installed it without the
>> option, they must  deinstall and reinstall after selecting that option?
> I'd suggest to make a slave port where you force the required option.
> However, to enforce the right dependency, this option have to produce a
> different plist.

Thanks.  I think that's probably the right answer.

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