Broken www/geneweb port

Alex Stangl alex at
Fri Nov 30 07:06:33 UTC 2012


I see www/geneweb has been broken for some time now. GeneWeb 5.02 has
some compatibility issues with the latest camlp5 library. I could see
what needed to be patched to fix the problem, however a better fix would
be from upstream. So I have been communicating with the current GeneWeb
maintainer, fabien at, on the GeneWeb mailing list, and it
appears this problem is resolved in the newer GeneWeb versions, e.g., 6.05.
The versions since fabien has taken over development are hosted on

If nobody else is interested in maintaining this port, I'd like to take
it over and submit patches to switchover to the newer version hosted at
the site listed above.



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