The state of redports

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Thu Nov 29 03:11:14 UTC 2012

Thank your for the information.

I'm looking forward to opening redports again.
I thank all people who are working on the issue.

2012-11-27 15:35 に Bernhard Fröhlich さんは書きました:
> On Di., 27. Nov. 2012 04:38:39 CET, meta <meta at> wrote:
>> I know the work continues on rebuilding infrastructure.
>> Is priority low to reopen redports than other infrastructure?
> The bottleneck right now are people that can do the security audit
> and verify carefully which machines are safe and which we need to
> setup from scratch.
>> Could anybody tell me when redports will be back?
>> In a few days? weeks? months? or almost a year?
> I honestly don't know and I'm unable to make an educated guess so all
> I can do is to inform people once I have some news. But we are surely
> talking about days or weeks because otherwise I'll reactivate my box
> in the basement ...
> Sorry that this incident knocked redports down for such a long time.
> Redports still isn't critical enough to the project that it gets 
> dealt
> with immediately so the plan is clear. We need to provide services to
> the src people and something nice for cluster admins, security teams
> and core to make them feel the pain like we do when redports is
> offline.

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