Evasive action may be needed: graphics/xfig-devel port deleted

Eitan Adler lists at eitanadler.com
Wed Nov 28 13:47:00 UTC 2012

On 28 November 2012 08:43, David Wolfskill <david at catwhisker.org> wrote:
> I found out about this during may normal daily "portmaster -ad" run,
> which is one of the worst points for it to happen, as:
> ...
> ===>>> The graphics/xfig-devel port has been deleted: Has expired: Stable version is more recent than devel version
> ===>>> Aborting update
> Terminated
> Script done on Wed Nov 28 04:21:13 2012
> As I had actually checked /usr/ports/UPDATING (so I would know in
> advance of running portmaster of any evasive action I might need to
> take), and saw that the most recent entry was still the one for
> devel/git from 12 Nov, I was rather surprised (and not in a good way).
> After running "portmaster -o graphics/xfig graphics/xfig-devel", I was
> able to proceed, but I would have appreciated an UPDATING entry.

There is a file called MOVED which gives this information. I think in
this case it may be worthwhile to
change the graphics/xfig-devel entry to include |graphics/xfig|

Eitan Adler

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