INDEX files on servers outdated

Warren Block wblock at
Tue Nov 27 20:31:45 UTC 2012

The INDEX files on the FreeBSD servers are outdated.

   (on 9-stable, amd64)

   # svn up /usr/ports
   # cd /usr/ports
   # make fetchindex
   # grep ^firefox-1 INDEX-9
   firefox-16.0.2,1|/usr/ports/www/firefox|/usr/local|Web browser based
   firefox-10.0.10,1|/usr/ports/www/firefox-esr|/usr/local|Web browser

firefox was updated to 17.0 on November 20, almost a week ago.

The old INDEX file can cause portupgrade and portmaster to not show 
available updates.


   # svn up /usr/ports
   # portmaster -L --index-only | egrep '(ew|ort) version|total install'
   ===>>> 791 total installed ports
 	===>>> There are no new versions available

Portmaster does detect changes if --index-only is left out, but it takes 
much longer and so is not used by some users.


   # portsdb -Fu && portversion -vl'<'

There is no indication to the user that the index file is outdated and 
should be rebuilt locally.  (I think but have not verified that the 
index file retrieved by portsnap is correct.)

I started to enter a PR for this, but realized it may be a known 
problem.  If so, can we just delete the index files so fetchindex errors 
out instead of delivering an outdated file?

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