FreeBSD Port: emulators/virtio-kmod - poor performance in VirtualBox

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> Subject: FreeBSD Port: emulators/virtio-kmod - poor performance in VirtualBox
> Hi,
> I would like to test the 'intnet' networking mode in VirtualBox 4.2.4
> (under FreeBSD 9.1-PRERELEASE), running 2 VMs with FreeBSD 9.1-RC3
> amd64
> each.
> After installing your port kernel detected the 'virtio' interface and
> I
> configured the IP on both machines.
> I used the 'ttcp' program to test the network performance between
> machines and I noticed that average transfer rate is around 6-7 KB/s
> (while using eg. the Intel emulator, |82540EM, it's much better,
> around
> 100 KB/s)

Even 100KB seems a couple of magnitudes slow for the emulated E1000
between 2 guests on the same host.

> Do you have an idea why this is so slow?

Try disabling checksum offloading (and TSO/LRO if Virtualbox supports

> And why the if_vtnet network driver isn't provided in GENERIC kernel?
> Is it still under development?

Getting it in GENERIC is in my plans. My spare time has been distracted
at some other Ethernet drivers for the last few weeks. I hope to spend
much of my spare time in Dec. on various VirtIO items.


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