Bug in misc/astrolog

myst3r10n myst3r10n at rocketmail.com
Tue Nov 20 18:08:11 UTC 2012


The port misc/astrolog have a bug on FreeBSD/amd64 9.0-RELEASE. The
option "-a" created a core dump, example:

$ astrolog -qb Jul 12 2011 12:00pm ST +0:00 0W 51:30N -a
Astrolog 5.41G chart for
Tue Jul 12, 2011 12:00:00 (ST +0:00 GMT)   0:00:00W 51:30:00N

Speicherschutzverletzung(core dumped)

Without option "-a" it works. Maybe it's a bug within the astrological
aspect calculation. Because the option "-X" doesn't work too. As far as
the astrological aspects comes into play, then astrolog produces a core

I have tried the same on FreeBSD/i386 9.1-RC3 with qemu without any
problem. It's maybe an architecture problem between i386 and amd64.


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