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Lev Serebryakov lev at FreeBSD.org
Mon Nov 19 08:51:12 UTC 2012

Hello, Jeremy.
You wrote 19 ноября 2012 г., 11:16:07:

JC> However, GDBM and Oracle/Sleepycat DB aren't (by default) enabled
JC> in 1.7.7 which is what's in ports currently:
  They  weren't  enabled  for  1.7.6  too,  so  it  is  strange,  that
 pointyhat-builded package require it. I need to investigate this.

JC> - SQLite -- which I believe is used for data storage for commits/etc.
JC>   and tends to work well for that, so I'm okay with it.
JC> - gettext -- needed for NLS, which I've learned to accept although I'd
JC>   rather everything today just use UTF-8 universally (idealistic me).
  UTF-8   and   gettext  are  orthogonal.  gettext  allow  to select UI
(messages)language,  not  codepage,  at  runtime. Messages could be in
UTF-8   for   all   supported   languages,   or   they   could  be  in
language-specific codepages.

JC>   However, there are many people who are heavy WITHOUT_NLS advocates,
JC>   and I used to be one, so they should be honoured (IMO).
  I'm prefer WITHOUT_NLS too (English is Ok, and Russian translation
of computer programs often looks funny and sometimes cryptic), but it
is considered to be not user-friendly now.

JC> - APR -- have yet to figure this out.  All I can think of is "svn is
JC>   an Apache project and we like injecting all our crap into everything,
JC>   so enjoy!".
  libapr is used by subversion from very beginnig, before subversion
becomes Apache project. It is good runtime library, really, which
allows not implement many basic things again. IMHO, it is better,
than glib, for example :)))

JC> - expat2 -- XML parsing library, which I also have yet to figure out
JC>   the need for.  What VCS uses XML and why?  Is this really *needed*?
  neon needs it.
JC> - neon -- OPTIONS description labels this as "WebDAV/DAV support",
JC>   but in reality what this provides that's most important is HTTPS/SSL
JC>   support.  I found this out the hard way when building svn for a
JC>   customer 4-5 months ago.  NEON_DESC should really become this:
JC>   NEON_DESC=WebDAV/Delta-V access module + HTTPS/SSL support
  Hmm... WebDAV IS HTTP extension. You could not have WebDAV without
 HTTP. And subversion uses WebDAV, not plain HTTP in ANY case. So,
"WebDAV/Delta-V access module + HTTPS/SSL support" description is
repetition of same twice :)

JC> I want to find out what is being done by the FreeBSD folks (that means
JC> Project members and Committers alike) to deal with this migration from
JC> the end-user perspective.  The Project has effectively destroyed
JC> csup/cvsup in different ways, especially over the past 2 days (I love
JC> seeing all CVS commits now done as user "svnexp" and the cvsweb.cgi
JC> interface is 100% broken -- thanks!  Nobody used this functionality
JC> anyway, right?), so for me svn is the only choice[1].
  I (subversion maintainer) am very sad about cvsup/csup deprecation
 here. As developer I'm ok with svn, but as administrator, I find,
 that csup is very handy for src tree, which doesn't have local
 changes (portsnap works well for ports on such systems, but here is
 no). And, yes, "cvsweb.cgi" looks more useful to me, that
 "/viewcvs/" on svn.freebsd.org. Maybe, it is only because I'm used to
 it, I don't know.

// Black Lion AKA Lev Serebryakov <lev at FreeBSD.org>

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