[patch] databases/db42 clang -fPIC issue

Takeshi Taguchi taguchi at ff.iij4u.or.jp
Sat Nov 17 13:35:08 UTC 2012

Hi, Matthias.

I'd svn checkouted in rev.243144, and I'd only buildworld/buildkernel
using same make.conf/src.conf/KERNCONF.
Then I could compile databases/db42!

I could not find out why I had a probrem ....;-(

I still think hard-corded LIBTOOL may be probrem, But it's seem
work fine.
Offcause, I should use $localbase raher than $prefix. I'd confused.


(2012/11/16 8:09), Matthias Andree wrote:
> (List post, with a courtesy copy to Takeshi.)
> Am 15.11.2012 12:53, schrieb Takeshi Taguchi:
>> Hi,
>> In CURRENT, clang can not compile database/db42.
>> here is a error message:
> Hi Takeshi,
> I am the maintainer of said port, and I can confirm that your bug report
> is in the database, but the web interface is currently not being
> updated.  Sorry for that.
> Also sorry for the build issues the port gave you on 10-CURRENT.
> However, I cannot reproduce the problem on FreeBSD 9 amd64 with clang,
> and I also have other reports on <http://pastebin.ca/2251922> that the
> build succeeds on a recent 10-CURRENT, and that -fPIC remains inside the
> build arguments on clang++ command lines.  Said FreeBSD system was at
> SVN revision r242852, built on amd64 with a GENERIC kernel on Nov 10.
> Can you try to figure out the differences in the build logs, and
> possibly update your world and retry?
> How exactly have you configured your system to use clang(++)?
> Is there anything in /etc/make.conf or /etc/src.conf?
> Can you send me your config.log file OFF-LIST (send directly to my
> address), from .../databases/db42/work/db-4.2.52/build_unix/ ?
> (This is $WRKSRC/config.log, try:  make -V WRKSRC -C /usr/ports/*/db42
> to obtain the WRKSRC path.)
> Reviewing your patch, the replacement could be improved to use
> ${LIBTOOL} rather than something you have derived from $prefix;
> furthermore, we use $prefix for a package we are about to install, and
> $localbase for packages that we expect to already be installed (like
> dependencies).
> I need to understand better why we would need to patch things, before I
> go into that.  We may need to patch something else, elsewhere (because
> it needs to be more generic than for just the db42 port).
> Thank you and best regards
> Matthias Andree
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