pkgng woes

Beeblebrox zaphod at
Sat Nov 10 07:52:09 UTC 2012

Bryan Drewery wrote
> 1. This should not happen if you have the latest portmaster port and use
> the PKGNGPATCH option.
> 2.  It is not required that you use binary packages with pkgng. You can
> continue using ports with portmaster/portupgrade just fine.
> 3. Portmaster *is* fully ready for pkgng, and does utilize the pkgng tools
> to read from its database.

Q1+Q3. That's not the point: For ports I have compiled + installed AFTER
switching to pkgng and AFTER enabling PKGNGPATCH in portmaster, the pkgdb
records are populated correctly. The problem is with the ports already
installed on the system BEFORE the switch. Most of the records for those
ports are corrupt and THERE'S NO WAY TO FIX unless you do a complete rebuild
/ reinstall after you do a massive sort through everything that is "missing"
(from the pkgdb, that is).
Q2. Not with a corrupt / incomplete pkgdb...

Chris Rees-2 wrote
> Mixing versions with binary packages is a bad idea anyway.  Packages are
> built with a certain set of dependencies, and you can't mix and match.

I only do this when a port build breaks. Say you are building www/foo and
build for the depend net/boo breaks or just does not compile. I add net/boo
(without any depends) from package and continue with the compile. Or at
least I used to be able to do this - Now I no longer can because of pkgng's
flag limitations.

@Jeffrey Bouquet:
AFIK, pkg_add will not register the added package on pkgng's pkgdb sqlite
database - you must use pkgng's *pkg add* command for that. You can't even
add the same version of a package that was fetched before through the old
pkg command through pkgng's *pkg add*. This is because pkgng packages have
mysqldb headers included in the file and pkgng must use those headers in the
file to properly register it in the db. Even the file endings are different:
.tbz vs .txz.

IN ESSENCE: I have a corrupt pkgdb for pkgng and there are no apparent
fix'em tools useable for pkgng. That means I have to re-build everything!
But too bad that when re-building everything, I no longer have the option of
preventing the install of a number of ports listed as dependency but which I
absolutely do not want.
P.S. Thanks at least for not asking - "why do you not want that port"? or
"what's wrong with it"?

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