pkgng woes

Anton Shterenlikht mexas at
Fri Nov 9 13:22:33 UTC 2012

	portmaster --check-depends does not work for me.  Shows everything as fine
	but when I specifically target a port: *# portmaster -i graphics/gimp* for
	example, I get a long list of ports to be installed - meaning not all of the
	existing ports have been registered correctly, hence --check depends will
	not work. Once I re-install all of the "missing depends" and run the same
	command (*# portmaster -i graphics/gimp*) then there are no problems nor
	list of missing depends.

Well... if it's any consolation, my convertion
to pkgng wasn't easy either. In fact, I'n not
sure I'm all there yet.

My problem was due to using an outdated portmaster pkgng patch.
Note: this is no longer an issue.
Anyway, I ended up with a corrupted pkg database.
I had to update many ports manually.
Now that the pkg database is fully under pngng
control (I'm just a user and don't follow
the technical details, hence my using of non-technical
language) I think portmaster can work with it.
For example portmaster --check-port-dbdir seems
to give correct results.

Anyway, I think the idea is to remove a lot
of functionality from portmaster and give
it to pkgng. For example checking for missing
dependencies, or shared libs. However, I'm used
to working with ports only, never with packages.
I still don't understand if pkgng is the tool
for me or not. People keep talking of poudriere,
but again I'm not sure if some of the portmaster
functionality is supposed to be taken over
by pourdriere or not.


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