pkgng woes

Beeblebrox zaphod at
Fri Nov 9 09:53:10 UTC 2012

Pkgng, as a concept may be great, but it's not really working - at least for

1. pkg2ng conversion does not do a complete job and I have about half of my
ports in purgatory or a quasi-installed state. The program runs and is
installed but pkgdb does not have a record for it. So my ports updates do a
half-ass job.
2. I am used to portmaster and I accept that portupgrade is "more ready" to
be used with pkgng than portmaster. However, portmaster has the
"--check-depends" option which I would normally use to correct problem #1,
alas I see no similar function in portupgrade or pkg. The "portupgrade -Ffu"
and "pkg check" commands don't do the trick either.
3. I have some ports that I never want to install (like accessibility/atk or
net/avahi). The new pkgtools.conf has a nice feature of IGNORE_CATEGORIES
and HOLD_PKGS which I hope will allow me to "blacklist" those ports but I
have my doubts as the knob is PKGS and not PORTS - so we'll see. Separately
though, while trying to get my system pkgng complient and doing updates,
there have been some ports which were pulled in that I whish to remove. As
in #2, portmaster --check-depends did a nice job of this and allowed the
dependency to be removed from the portsdb structure - so same problem here
as #2.
4. I know how to do +IGNOREME in the portsdb and that is a very roundabout
way of solving an sqlite entry.
5. pkg add does not respect existing port version information on the system.
If you try to install a package and its dependencies, pkg tries to pull in
its own preferred version. This happened for perl5 - I have 5.16 already on
the system but pkg kept trying to install 5.14. The only solution was to use
the old "pkg-add -i" to install one-by-one and without the dependencies.
Interesting how pkgng does not have the -i (no-deps) option??
6. portupgrade's -i (interactive) also completely ignores you when adding a
new port. It just goes and does its thing then happily informs you of the
its fait accompli.

Ubuntu's Synaptic gives more control than this...

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