Santa Claus, what will bring you?

Elisa Adamoli info at
Wed Nov 7 10:19:33 UTC 2012

Do you know what is the glamorest Gift for next Christmas?
It is Fashion to donate new creations made in Italy, high quality, hand made
and very hard to find!

Well, a unique and brilliant idea that transmits to the recipient,
the refinement and the true value of the relationship that binds you.

These objects dreamed, created and packaged by skilled artisans are
a pleasant surprise and a treat for those who receive it!

Check it out to understand what is it .

It's nice to know you can make a prestigious gift, 
unexpected and much appreciated to a special person.

Best of luck
Elisa Adamoli
T +39 0376 1855551
Skype (Elisa-Adamoli)

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