CFT: vlc 2.0.4

Juergen Lock nox at
Sun Nov 4 22:38:59 UTC 2012

In article <20121104203619.49647eb4 at> you write:
>Juergen Lock <nox at> wrote:
>>  As there were a few problems with vlc 2.0.3 I'd like people to test
>> the 2.0.4 update before I commit it:
>1. The OPUS option has no description.

Ooops, fixed.

>2. Doesn't configure for me with NCURSES:
>checking for NCURSES... no
>configure: error: Package ncursesw was not found in the pkg-config search path.
>Perhaps you should add the directory containing `ncursesw.pc'
>to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable
>No package 'ncursesw' found.
>As I don't care about ncurses anyway, I just disabled the option
>for now and haven't looked into it.
 Ah I guess I never tested NCURSES...  Fixed.

>3. I don't use NLS which is probably the reason for these complaints:
>===>   Registering installation for vlc-2.0.4,3
>pkg: lstat(/usr/local/share/locale/ach/LC_MESSAGES/): No such file or directory
>pkg: lstat(/usr/local/share/locale/ach/): No such file or directory
>pkg: lstat(/usr/local/share/locale/cgg/LC_MESSAGES/): No such file or directory
>pkg: lstat(/usr/local/share/locale/cgg/): No such file or directory
>Installing vlc-2.0.4,3... done

 Hmm that must have been broken since at least the OPTIONng conversion...

 New update here:

 Thanx! :)

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