FW: [ast-users] Feature request: AST grep as shell built in

Jason Hellenthal jhellenthal at dataix.net
Fri Mar 30 15:15:56 UTC 2012

Just a heads up for everyone who may find this interesting... But
builtin grep and friends have now been added to ksh93...

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ast-cmdtst.2012-03-30.tgz md5 e84b44ba46bef61cf68c4d22dddf3b6b
source just posted to www.research.att.com/sw/download/beta/
it requires nmake to build so
you will need either the ast-base or ast-open package installed

download ast-cmdtst.2012-03-30.tgz lib/package/tgz
bin/package read
bin/package use # new ksh with viewpath env ready to build
cd cmdtst
nmake install
nmake test

then this line in a ksh script to test
	builtin -f cmdtst grep egrep fgrep xargs

all of the standalone grep and xargs tests pass
but the builtin environment could introduce new bug vectors


don't ask me or the list how to build plugins without nmake
its encoded in the nmake rules and probe files
its portable to all target architectures (including linux hpux aix cygwin uwin mvs macos)
it uses the same conditional-free makefile on all target architectures
it generates files using the native system file and directory naming conventions

in general ast { plugins, shared libraries, dlls } require nmake and
do not build with the bootstrap mamake/Mamfile 
that's why bin/package always builds nmake first and then proceeds with the remaining components

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