Michael Scheidell scheidell at FreeBSD.org
Wed Mar 28 15:21:48 UTC 2012

Looking for an FAQ on PORTREVISION bumps on commits, pr's.

Basically, I make the decision based on 'hey, if I was running a cronjob 
to do a portupgrade -Rr every night, would I want this to be upgraded'?

I know if something is broken across all builds, it doesn't need a 
portrevision bump.
If portversion is bumped, portrevision needs to be reset to 0 (line 
deleted from Makefile)
pkg-plist changed (except for tweaks for portdocs/portexamples)

options change?  I would think so, I see 'make config' called sometimes 
on portrevision bump, so I assume if I change the defaults, or add an 
option that changes build, I should bump it.

What about things like removing a run_depends that isn't nessessary?  ie:

build_depends= This \ That \ TheOther
run_depends+= $build_depends

but, in reality, you only need 'that' to run.

build_depends= This \ That \ TheOther
run_depends = that

Would the average OP want to rebuild the package just to eliminate the 
extra run depends?  I am thinking, not.  why bother?

make deinstall/reinstall via portupgrade or portmanager won't really do 
make package/ pkg_delete/ pkg_add won't do anything.

So, is there a definitive list?

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