How useful is %%DATADIR%%, anyway?

Michael Scheidell scheidell at
Fri Mar 23 23:31:20 UTC 2012

On 3/23/12 6:27 PM, Chris Rees wrote:
> Almost.  PORTDOCS=* in the Makefile basically uses find on ${DOCSDIR}
> and sticks it into TMPPLIST.  The advantage is that we then have one
> line in the Makefile instead of up to 2000 in pkg-plist.

thats frekeing magic.. how did it find the source in $WRKDIR/specs?
Seriously, how did the macro find it?
(my question wasn't about where it was going to WRITE it, but how do I 
tell it where to find it.  I could not find a ${docsdir} macro in any 
config, Makefile(.in}am). nothing.

cd work/libXaw-1.0.8/
%grep -i docsdir *
%grep -i docsdir -R ./

someone important, or on x11 group:  so that we save a few bytes on 8.3 
ports dvd:

please check out 
and commit.
I changed the Makefile and pkg-plist.

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