pgtclng port (Re: FreeBSD ports which are currently scheduled for deletion)

Mikhail T. mi+thun at
Wed Mar 21 13:08:19 UTC 2012

On 21.03.2012 08:00, M. Linimon wrote:
> portname:           databases/postgresql-tcltk
> description:        A TCL interface to the database PostgreSQL, including
>                      a tk GUI
> maintainer:pgsql at
> status:             BROKEN
> deprecated because: Broken for months with no-one caring, superseded by
> expiration date:    2012/03/16
> build errors:
>  (_Oct_16_11:22:03_UTC_2010)
> overview:
pgtclng is available via databases/pgtcl. Maybe, this will be worth a 
mention in MOVED, when the axe falls...


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