net/asterisk & sqlite* usage...

Jason Hellenthal jhellenthal at
Tue Mar 20 14:38:12 UTC 2012

Attempting to understand why asterisk needs two versions of sqlite and
why even if sqlite3 is found sqlite2 is installed anyway...

This behavior does not seem to be quite correct and seems there should
be some (if) statements here to determine whether sqlite3 is installed
and then fallback and check to see if sqlite2 is installed and if none
are then inform the user and fall back to one or the other as the


.if !defined(WITH_SQLITE)
PLIST_SUB+=     WITH_SQLITE="@comment "
CONFIGURE_ARGS+= --without-sqlite \
CONFIGURE_ARGS+= --with-sqlite
LIB_DEPENDS+= sqlite:${PORTSDIR}/databases/sqlite2 \

;s =;
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