Jython as PYTHON_VENDOR in bsd.python.mk

Victor Balada Diaz victor at bsdes.net
Fri Mar 16 12:19:29 UTC 2012


I'm trying to port django-jython[1] to FreeBSD. Jython[2] is a python interpreter 
written in java. Django is a popular web framework written in python. For it
to work under java i need django-python which have some database specific drivers.

The problem is that while i tried porting, seems i can't use bsd.python.mk because USE_PYTHON
doesn't have a way to recognize jython as a python interpreter.

Does anyone know what's the best approach for porting this? I think that maybe jython should
be added as python vendor in the same way we have JAVA_VENDOR for java.
What do you think?

Thanks a lot.

[1]: http://code.google.com/p/django-jython/
[2]: http://www.jython.org/
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