CFT: new BSD-licensed sort available

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-ports-local at
Thu Mar 15 23:28:05 UTC 2012

Lowell Gilbert <freebsd-ports-local at> writes:

> Lowell Gilbert <freebsd-ports-local at> writes:
>> Oleg Moskalenko <oleg.moskalenko at> writes:
>>> There is no option "-2" in the new BSD sort or in the GNU sort. There is no such option in Posix standard, too.
>>> What is this option about, do we need to add something ?
>> No, clearly I have misdiagnosed the problem.
>> I'll take another look.
>> Sorry for the confusion.
> I think I'll need to dig into portsdb itself a bit.
>>    Updating the ports index ... Generating INDEX.tmp - please wait..
>>    sort: invalid option -- 2
> I'll let you know what I find.

This is taking longer than I had hoped; apparently I am handicapped by
the fact that I do not know ruby at all. I am having difficulty finding
a call out to the sort program, as opposed to sort routines implemented
in ruby.

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