FreeBSD Port: apache-2.4.X & php5-5.4.X

alexus alexus at
Tue Mar 13 21:59:36 UTC 2012


sorry if I'm jumping the gun, but as you probably already know Apache
httpd 2.4 released yet no updates at or at least I didn't find any at: in terms of when package/port
would be created

slightly off topic yet still _VERY_ important peace and _VERY_ widely
used is mod_php. I know that was discussed about million times through
mailing lists and other ways but, many would agree that mod_php is so
widely used it should be incorporated into a separate package by
itself and while we're on this topic new php-fpm should also be
available through a package installed rather then ports. I understand
that goal can be reached through /usr/ports but for one reason or
another that may not be an option for someone and as I mention before
I'd say majority of FreeBSD's web servers are using it and only minor
amount of servers are not using it, so why is FreeBSD targeting
minority vs majority?

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