FreeBSD Port: skype-,1

Joseph Mingrone jrm at
Sun Mar 11 17:23:57 UTC 2012

Hi Matthia, ports;

Thanks for you reply.  I think I'm getting closer to finding out
what's going on.

I have a small LAN, which normally just has a single laptop and a
skype phone behind a Buffalo wireless access point / router.  The
skype phone is usually on all the time and I haven't had problems with
it for the two or three years I've owned it.  Last night when I was
testing the skype client on my laptop I turned the phone off.

So this morning when I got your message, I uninstalled
net-im/skype-devel and reinstalled net-im/skype and it signed in
immediately.  But now, the skype phone has the problem the client had
last night:  it won't sign in.  Even when I sign out with both the
client and the phone and try the phone it won't sign in, but the
client has no problems at all today.  I thought there must be a
problem with the router, so I rebooted, but the result is the same:
client has no problems, but no luck with the phone.

Is this a networking issue on my end or is it something to do with skype?


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