lang/racket X11 dependencies

Yves Fischer yvesf at
Fri Mar 9 16:08:17 UTC 2012

Dear all,
i want to use lang/racket without installing GUI-Libraries.

If the "X11" Flag is disabled, the racket port still depends
on X11 Libraries.

I modified the Makefile [1] to not require jpeg, png and cairo
if X11 is not selected:
Also I added a Flag for Places because it should save
sombe bytes in runtime memory consumption [2].

I'm able to compile and install racket with this modifications,
but calls to gui-tools/libs (drracket or require plot) fails
   ffi-lib: couldn't open "" (Shared object \
   "" not found, required by "racket")
I'm OK with that because i dont intend to use them.

It would be nice, if racket could be in ports without forcing
me to install x11 stuff.

Regards, Yves


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