databases/mariadb -- should we have several versions?

geoffroy desvernay dgeo at
Fri Mar 9 11:10:13 UTC 2012

On 07/03/2012 23:03, Mark Felder wrote:
> How does the community feel about having multiple mariadb ports like our
> current mysql ports? It would be nice to have mariadb53-{client-server}
> and mariadb55-{client|server} as well, in my opinion.
> Thoughts?

That would be a nice idea, including a nice
(DEFAULT|WITH|WANT)_MYSQL_VER magic that I'm not able to imagine...

For now, databases/mariadb-server use MYSQL_VER=52, which is not used by

Don't know what should be the better way: a kind of 'meta' port, more
magic in, or another way to (auto-)select a compatible
port in respect to user's choice ?

For mariadb 5.3, I think it could replace actual
databases/mariadb-server (because of 5.1 compatibility), but it'd nicer
to let user decide… Still don't know what is better (and how to do it
the right way)

I also remember Doug Barton had some thoughts about that…

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