graphics/png does not build with lang/gcc

Gautam list at
Wed Mar 7 07:09:15 UTC 2012


Adding dinoex (Maintainer of graphics/png).

On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 9:51 PM, Gautam <list at> wrote:

>> Still didnt work for me -- did another buildworld and retried to check if
> there was something else messed up.
> I am moving back to base gcc for now. Waiting for redports lang/gcc
> backend to come up ;) and will check this again on 8-stable as well.

I have tested this on three systems now -- 8.2-REL (fresh), 9.0-REL(fresh)
and 9.0-STABLE (original system). The problem is visible on all of these
releases. I have now root-caused this problem (that graphics/png does not
build with lang/gcc on 8.2 or 9.0), proposed solution solves it on all
three systems.

Similar PRs were found: 155334 and 141238.

Solution is to add -lssp_nonshared to LDADD in

LDADD+=         -lm -lz -lssp_nonshared

However, I suppose this be conditional on OSVERSION >= 800000 so that it
doesnt break older FreeBSD releases but I am not sure of the final solution
to this -- maybe add a conditional patch ? How is that usually done?

Should I file a PR for this?


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