How to submit a new port along with its distfile?

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> > >> I'm ready to submit a new ports-mgmt port for a package I've
> > >> written, but I need to have the distfile hosted on one of the
> > >> FreeBSD sites (running an anonymous ftp server on my own machine
> > >> would violate my ISP's TOS).
> > >>
> > >> How does one go about submitting a new port under these
> > >> conditions? I need to submit both the port itself and the
> > >> distfile.  And should I set MASTER_SITES=LOCAL or
> > >>
> > >> Sorry, I couldn't find the answer to this one in the Porter's
> > >> Handbook.
> > >>
> > >> Thanks!
> > >
> > > Normally you need to find someone prepared to host it for you.
> > 
> > Why not use a google code project or something like that?
> You gave me an idea: I put it up on Sourceforge.  About to submit the
> port now.
> Thanks!

Just thought I'd follow up on this while I'm waiting to have the port

If anyone's interested, the package is call mkreadmes-1.0.  It's a C
language version of the port's collection's "make readmes" (or, if you
will, the perl "make_readmes" script under the Tools directory).  I
wrote this because I was very dissatisfied with the speed of rebuilding
the README.html files after I update my ports tree.  This new tool I've
written cuts the time down to practically nothing.  I can now rebuild
all the README.html files for the entire ports tree in less than 30
seconds.  Depending on system load, I've actually seen it run in as
little as @ 15 seconds.

If you want to try it before it becomes an official port, it's already
available on Sourceforge right now.  It should compile and install very
easily on any FreeBSD system, even without the port framework wrapper.

The source archive is available at:

A README file is included in the distribution.  Online help is also
available via the "-h" command line option.

Please don't hesitate to send me any questions, comments, suggestions,
bug reports, etc.


Conrad J. Sabatier
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