[HEADSUP][CFT] pkgng beta8 is out

Baptiste Daroussin bapt at FreeBSD.org
Fri Mar 2 23:27:57 UTC 2012


We just released beta8 of pkgng, it comes with the usual fixes and some new

pkg set is a new subcommand to modify the content of the local package database,
currently only modifying -a [01] the status wether the package as been installed
as a dependency or direct can be done.

pkg check -r mypkg will recalculate the flatsize of the package

pkg check -ra to recalculate for every packages
the previous behaviour of pkg check (finding and repairing missing dependencies)
is now pkg check -d (wit patterns or -a for the whole installation)

pkg check -s (as always -a or pattern) will show you files that have changed
since installation (checksum mismatch)

pkg query has gain a new -e (evaluate option) to be able to query the packages
that matches a boolean evalutation, for example to select all the packages that
are bigger than 50MB:

# pkg query -e "%s > 50000000" "%n-%v is bigger than 50MB: %sh"
perl-threaded-5.12.4_3 is bigger than 50MB: 54 MB
python27-2.7.2_4 is bigger than 50MB: 66 MB
qemu-devel-1.0_2 is bigger than 50MB: 67 MB
qt4-doc-4.7.4 is bigger than 50MB: 204 MB

or to select package bigger than 50MB which have been installed automatically:
# pkg query -e "%s > 50000000 && %a == 1" "%n-%v is bigger than 50MB: %sh and has been automatically installed"
python27-2.7.2_4 is bigger than 50MB: 66 MB and has been automatically installed

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