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Fri Mar 2 10:39:33 UTC 2012

Boris Samorodov <bsam at> wrote
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bs> So what if install a system wide default paper size while installing
bs> print/libpaper? That may help both in gs case (when a binary is linked
bs> with libpaper) and those that just use libpaper if it is installed.

 No.  defaultpapername() returns a constant value at compile time.
 Nothing to do with the $PREFIX/etc/papersize file.

bs> >  I think WITH_A4SIZE option should be deprecated at some point and the
bs> >  default paper size can be selected by libpaper in run-time because it
bs> >  will be more consistent and flexible,
bs> I'd propose to leave a system wide default variable for a paper size.
bs> I don't care if it is WITH_A4SIZE, DEFAULT_PAPERSIZE=A4 or else.
bs> > but the current code in gs
bs> >  prevents it because it uses defaultpapername(), not systempapername()
bs> >  for some reason.
bs> >
bs> >  So, the functionality the libpaper provides in gs is only to define
bs> >  /DEFAULTPAPERSIZE but it is confusing due to the above reason.  This
bs> >  was why I decided to disable libpaper at this moment.
bs> Yea, but those who will choose that non-default option and install
bs> print/libpaper (in current state, i.e. without installing
bs> /usr/local/etc/papersize file) will fall in trouble anyway.

 What is the non-default option and what trouble will occur by it?

-- Hiroki
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