[HEADSUP][CFT] pkgng beta1 is out

Jan Beich jbeich at tormail.net
Tue Jan 31 01:15:09 UTC 2012

Baptiste Daroussin <bapt at FreeBSD.org> writes:

> It has been done with scripting features in mind: 'pkg query' will allow
> you to query almost everything from the pkgng database in a script friendly
> way.

How to query the date a package was installed? I often manually remove
my packages based on time interval or time + package name after
finishing some task. It can involve pruning lots of deps for software
not yet in ports.

  $ find /var/db/pkg/ -name +DESC -exec \
    stat -f "%Sm %N" -t '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M' {} + \
    | sed 's|/+.*||; s|/.*/||' \
    | sort -r
    | less

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