Bitcoin stable (v0.5.x) on FreeBSD [patch]

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Jan 30 03:53:03 UTC 2012

> FWIW, I tried to integrate the makefile changes, and hit some difficulties.
> I can't seem to build with the current STATIC=1 at all, and using -static
> produces a binary my system claims doesn't exist. :/

I don't know what you're integrating them with, what platform
you're on, what the output is, etc. So I can't be of much help.
I would have taken more liberties with the makefile but am without
a linux box for testing at the moment (presuming that is your box).
I didn't check for a BSD relro equiv, linux gcc/ld command line
parameter placement order, etc. It should be close.

I'm processing past height 45k right now on this client.
If there's a bitcoin user/dev list, feel free to point me there.

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