Portmaster quickly fails to update xcb-utils

Peggy Wilkins enlil65 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 18:16:50 UTC 2012

When I try to follow the instructions in UPDATING for upgrading
xcb-util, using portmaster it fails very early in the process:

% portmaster -bDw -R -r xcb-util-0

===>>> Working on:

===>>> Port directory: /usr/ports/x11/xcb-util

===>>> Launching 'make checksum' for x11/xcb-util in background
===>>> Gathering dependency list for x11/xcb-util from ports

===>>> Update failed
===>>> Aborting update

===>>> Update for xcb-util-0.3.6,1 failed
===>>> Aborting update


I am seeing this on FreeBSD 7.4-RELEASE-p5 and FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE-p3.
 I updated the ports tree again just now to be sure I have the latest
version and there is no change after doing that.

Any hints?  I'm not having much luck figuring out the problem myself,
since I don't know why a dependency check would fail here...

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