tripwire/and or packages PH will hate, and ask for -exp

Michael Scheidell scheidell at
Wed Jan 25 15:42:49 UTC 2012

when you install tripwire (/usr/ports/security/tripwire), at some point 
in the install, it asks you, 'interactively' to 'accept' the GPL2 license.
(yes, I know, I could probably use USE_LICENSE=GPL2, and patch install 

but, then it wants to generate a site key and site pass key.

none of which PH will like (TB doesn't like it, PH will hate it)

But, I am not the maintainer, and just trying to get this updated to 
latest source version, and by updating source tree, this is no worse 
that it was yesterday. (and I have some portlint's that I fixed)

Now:  I have MANUALLY verified pkg-plist adds/subtracts, and CAN get 
package to build if I set NO_DB_BUILD, and manually accept license, and 
generate keys (so it WILL build, and deinstall, just fine)

so, how do I keep pav from sending me an email in two days telling me PH 
won't compile this?

is this enough in the Makefile to do that?

NO_PACKAGE=     requires manual acceptance of license agreement

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