acroread8/9 cups support (Re: acroead8 and libcups dependencies)

Hiroki Sato hrs at
Mon Jan 23 06:28:55 UTC 2012

Da Rock <freebsd-ports at> wrote
  in <4F139C43.1050609 at>:

fr> I'm trying to contact the maintainer of the acroread ports to see if
fr> they can put in a dependency on linux-f10-cups-libs for the ease of
fr> use by general users, and to enable acceptance by the graphics
fr> industry niche.

Cejka Rudolf <cejkar at> wrote
  in <20111102110904.GA173 at>:

ce>   do you have plans to add support for cups printing from acroread9-9.4.2?

 I added CUPS support into both acroread8 and acroread9.  It seems
 working as far as I can check all versions in the ports tree, but
 please test them.  Thank you.

-- Hiroki
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