Adding licensing info to my ports: some questions

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Tue Jan 17 02:23:27 UTC 2012

2012/1/16 Nikola Lečić <nikola.lecic at>:
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>> 2012/1/16 Nikola Lečić <nikola.lecic at>:
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>> > 3) Intentionally no difference between 2- and 3-clause BSD?
>> I hope not. We should probably have a BSD2, BSD3, and BSD4 license.
>> For now mark it with a comment (or offer a patch to the db file too)
> Ok. What should happen with existing BSD in that case?

Leave it (cause some ports/configurations might break) but deprecate it.
Note that I am not on portmgr ;)

> I see, but does 'multi' applies to distfile which is just downloaded
> and unzipped or to installed files (and eo ipso to the FreeBSD
> package)?
> Anyway, it wasn't clear from the that we should use
> 'multi' in situations of 'any later version'. This means that all
> licensing info of eg. GPL2+ ports must be updated when GPL4 appears...

I am not certain about this.

>> Putting something in the Public Domain doesn't work in any meaningful
>> sense and is not a license.
> converters/base64 is public domain (see COPYING from its distfile).
> Do you mean that Public Domain shouldn't be added to the licenses
> database? NetBSD has it.

This list is the wrong location to discuss this issue so any followup
should happen off-list.

Eitan Adler

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