Acroread: contacting maintainer

Stephen Montgomery-Smith stephen at
Mon Jan 16 04:17:23 UTC 2012

On 01/15/2012 09:40 PM, Da Rock wrote:
> What is the correct way to contact the maintainer for a port? Does one
> contact directly? Or through a list (this one?)? Or pr?
> I'm trying to contact the maintainer of the acroread ports to see if
> they can put in a dependency on linux-f10-cups-libs for the ease of use
> by general users, and to enable acceptance by the graphics industry niche.
> I tried a direct email, but I've received no response as yet after
> several days; and I'm not 100% sure I did the right thing.
> Cheers

Contacting the maintainer is definitely a good thing to do.

He might be on vacation, or busy with some other aspect of life - who 
knows.  A few days is definitely not a long time to wait.

Another way to do it is to submit a PR with your proposed change.  THe 
maintainer of the port will be automatically contacted and asked to 
approve the changes.  If the maintainer doesn't reply after a few 
months, you can ask for a maintainer timeout, and someone will then 
commit it.

But I think waiting for a few more days for the maintainer to reply is a 
good thing to do.  I have used this strategy very successfully many 
times in the past.


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