linux-f10-nss_ldap: my first port - be gentle :)

Da Rock freebsd-ports at
Fri Jan 13 14:54:57 UTC 2012

On 01/13/12 07:51, Da Rock wrote:
> On 01/13/12 04:19, Chris Rees wrote:
>> On 12 January 2012 12:26, Da Rock
>> <freebsd-ports at>  wrote:
>>> On 01/12/12 17:54, Matthew Seaman wrote:
>>>> On 12/01/2012 06:44, Da Rock wrote:
>>>>> I have a Makefile, pkg-desc, pkg-plist, pkg-message, distinfo. I also
>>>>> have the files hosted and the MASTER_FILES set to include the linux
>>>>> sites (just where the files are located). I am looking for a 
>>>>> backup site
>>>>> to all that IF I can twist someones arm?
>>>>> I have triple tested it all in all iterations and its as smooth as 
>>>>> now-
>>>>> no issues whatsoever. So what happens now? How does it get into the
>>>>> ports tree now? Can someone have a look see and test it before I 
>>>>> submit
>>>>> this thing?
>>>> Run 'portlint -C' and fix anything it flags up -- well, within reason.
>>>> Sometimes portlint complains about things it shouldn't.
>>>> Then submit your port.  For a new port, you need to create a .shar of
>>>> the port directory, which you can attach to the PR like so:
>>>>      send-pr -a newport.shar
>>>> When filling in the PR in the editor it pops you into, you need to set
>>>> the appropriate field in the PR to 'change-request'.  No need to 
>>>> fill in
>>>> all the sections -- for ports PRs it's mostly 'Description' that gets
>>>> filled in.  Everything else is pretty obvious I think.
>>>> The comitter who works on the port will run it through tinderbox 
>>>> testing
>>>> and get back to you if there are any problems.
>>> I would have preferred to know about the -C option earlier- I hadn't
>>> realised how helpful it was. I used -Cv in the end which gave me a 
>>> better
>>> overview.
>>> I do have a "WARN: no CVS directories. Use -N to check a new port." 
>>> Is this
>>> normal? Is this simply expected of a new uncommitted port? I assume 
>>> this is
>>> the case due to -N mentioned in the warning, I also ran it with -CvN 
>>> and it
>>> came back with "looks fine".
>>> I'll upload a new .shar to my URI now.
>> Hm, for a new port, you should use portlint -A; portlint -C is for
>> existing ports.
>> portlint -A searches for stupid things like a work/ directory still
>> existing too.
> portlint -A: looks fine.
> I'll put it in later today, I think.
I've implemented some more cutbacks to create a leaner port thanks to 
Chris' helpful comments in another thread (unassociated shell command), 
and I've uploaded the new shar for review (again on my URI) if anyone 
would care to check it out and comment. Otherwise I'll submit it tomorrow.

Once submitted do the committers offer any advice on improvements?

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